Character Creation

This campaign uses the pathfinder rules set, but it follows a leveling concept that is much more in line with D20 Modern. Most classes will have 5 levels or less and so most characters will end up taking levels in a multitude of classes before the game is complete. Players may be able to design their own classes using guidelines created by the DM to represent specialization in a niche skill set or profession.

At character creation, all characters start at level 1 in one of three basic classes. These classes are meant to indicate, with rather broad stokes, the different ways that people react to and persevere through stress in their lives. The basic classes are:

Resilient Hero – Resilient heroes endure. They tend to address issues by seeking to avoid conflict or by simply soldiering through the problems in their lives without engaging too much. Instead of a racial stat bonus Resilient Heroes start the game with a +2 to either Constitution or Wisdom.
Subtle Hero – Subtle heroes prefer to move behind the scenes. They tend to deal with issues by manipulation. Either they seek to control people or events or they directly address issues in such a way as to cause as little fuss as possible. Instead of a racial stat bonus Subtle Heroes start the game with a +2 to either Dexterity or Intelligence.
Dynamic Hero – Dynamic heroes confront head on. They tend to prefer to meet and engage with the challenges of life face to face and deal with problems directly, often with much fanfare. Instead of a racial stat bonus Dynamic Heroes start the game with a +2 to either Strength or Charisma.

It is possible to interpret these basic classes very differently and two different characters with different starting basic classes can be played in very similar ways, however the outlook and motivations of these characters might be wildly different. Example: A Subtle Hero and a Dynamic Hero may both use high charisma and intelligence based characters to become Mafia crime bosses. While the Subtle Hero is trying to steer the mafia away from his home town and keep his friends and family safe, the Dynamic Hero feels a deep thirst for power and views this as the best way to get ahead in life. Both characters could make almost identical choices throughout their lives but each is still staying fundamentally true to their basic classes methods of reacting to problems.

Characters will also begin with up to two Aspects. (For more on Aspects see the Aspects and Action Points page)

Character Creation

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